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The greatest gift is to be seen.

-Darlene Loves


  • During one of our coaching sessions, she saw into my gifts as an artist. Together we realized it was important for me to more fully express my creativity and add in more artistic expression into my life.

    Immediately I began to paint Masterpieces as I “mastered my own inner peace." 

    Today I am painting, Graphic Recording, and Visual Coaching. I recently had an art show and another stream of fulfillment and prosperity showed up. 

    I'm deeply grateful.

    Steph Levine

    MasterPeace Coaching and Consulting


  • Being with Darlene I learned that I could FLOURISH as a Feminine being. Many women feel it. You’re not crazy there is a different way. You just haven’t developed it yet, and with Darlene you’re going to.

    I’ve never received such personal gentle attention from another coach. I felt so blessed and special by the personal pampering. I had so many breakthroughs from your personal attention to the creation movie you made for me.

    I’ve now taken this way of being into my own business and it’s changing the people in my groups too.

    Ceacillea Emahmn

    Founder of EmPathIQ, A Path To Empathy Intelligence


  • I think it’s important for all women to know that we have the power to change our world and the world. 

    Being with Darlene I’ve learned that I could have whatever it is that I want. That I can be more powerful than I often let myself believe. This was something that changed my life and I know I can change the world.

    I can’t tell you what it meant for me to receive my crown. I felt so loved and cared for that someone thought I was a Queen and that meant everything to me. It has changed my life.

    Today, I am the Queen of my own life.

    Joan Peck

    Author (J.S. Peck), Writer, and Editor

Darlene. I want to thank you again for the play we did together at Keller Williams. I remember when you gave us Legos to play with and create something that inspired us. I built a mobile barbershop and talked about my dream of owning one someday. Well shortly there after I earned a dream position as a project manager for a dream company who coincidentally, intentionally plays as part of their culture. Also that dream of owning a barbershop, we're opening up this weekend!!!!!!

-Frandy Pena

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